Frameless glass partitions

When it is necessary to partition the rooms by creating illusory effect as if the rooms are not partitioned, glass is the best solution.

The hardened glass partitions may be used to divide the bathroom space as well as to separate the kitchen from the living room or to separate the living room from the workroom. The frameless glass partitions are used not only in living premises, but also in the banks, administrational premises and medical institutions. If you wish to have your private space, choose impenetrable matted glass. You may create your own design by using matting or engraving technology, if you wish. The top and bottom part of the frameless glass partition is installed in the anodised aluminium profiles. Holders may also be used for fastening of the glass.We also offer sliding glass-partitions. Such sliding partition is especially useful for transformation of space, i.e. if more space is necessary the glass partition may be folded against the wall ant vice versa.The glass partitions optically increase the space, eliminate the boundaries and do not affect the integrity of the environment.