Engraving is a technique where special tools are used to craft linear patterns directly onto the glass surface, facilitated by advanced computerized equipment.


• Aesthetically Pleasing: The detailed engraving process imparts a notable elegance and sophistication to the glass products, enhancing their aesthetic appeal.

• Durability: Compared to painting or other decorative methods, engraving offers a long-lasting solution, maintaining its charm over a longer period.

• Unique Personalization: This method allows for the creation of individualistic and distinctive designs, making engraved glass items ideal choices for personalized gifts.

• Versatility in Design: Especially when mosaic or mirror options are not feasible due to limited dimensions, engraving can effectively mimic mosaic elements over large surfaces, commonly utilized in the crafting of decorative mirror walls.

Glass thickness (mm)Max size (mm)Min size (mm)