During the glass bending process, two vital procedures occur simultaneously - bending and tempering. This ensures that the bent glass adheres to all safety standards established for tempered glass, making it suitable for applications like glass facades, partitions, and other types of glazing, just like standard (straight) tempered glass.

The types of glass that can undergo bending include untempered, laminated, and tempered varieties, with laminated glass being assigned a higher security classification.

The use of curved glass is a distinctive feature of modern construction and exclusive product designs.


• Facilitates the realization of unique, dynamic architectural designs.
• Retains strength and durability: The bending process allows for the glass to be reinforced, enhancing its resistance to impacts and heavier loads.
• Preserves natural light.


Curved glass finds prevalent usage in manufacturing furniture and household appliances, and in crafting showcases, railings, partitions, showers, and facades, suitable for both interior and exterior settings.