Advantage of these framed terraces is their strength and airtightness.

In a framed terrace, you can enjoy comfort not only in summer but also in winter. A sealed, glazed terrace adds extra warmth to the home because the exterior wall of the house is not affected by outdoor conditions.


  • Options for systems include stationary with a revolving door, or variations that are sliding or folding.
  • Typically, 4-6 mm thick safety tempered glass is utilized for glazing; however, the use of glass units is also available, significantly reducing environmental noise.
  • Glass selections can range from clear to tinted, decorated, acoustic, fireproof, or even bulletproof varieties.
  • The system may be equipped with safety locks or latches to enhance security.
  • The aluminum profiles can be powder-coated in a color chosen by the customer to suit individual preferences.
  • Maintaining the system is uncomplicated, allowing for easy upkeep over time.