ROBAX glass, your perfect companion for a modern and stylish fireplace setup.

ROBAX is a 4 mm thick glass-ceramic material with a subtle brownish shade. This glass has an exceptionally low expansion tailored to endure, it can withstand a maximum usage temperature of 760 °C, offers excellent resistance to thermal fluctuations, and effectively blocks UV rays.

The available dimension for this premium glass is 1954x1100 mm.

For those seeking a contemporary touch to their interiors, we recommend the ROBAX MIRROR variant. This innovative product doubles as a reflective surface when the fireplace is not in use, camouflaging the inner components and enhancing the room's aesthetic by reflecting its surroundings. Once a fire is ignited, the glass becomes transparent, allowing for an unobstructed view of the vibrant flames without compromising the viewing experience.

Processing Options

• Cutting, grinding, polishing, and bevelling
• Drilling and milling


• The low thermal expansion properties minimize the risk of heat-induced cracking
• Provides a clear and focused image
• Acts as a safety barrier against sparks and embers


• Fireplace and stove doors
• Heating devices
• High-temperature industrial windows
• Outdoor space heating devices