Matelux Glass

The high-quality Matelux glass maintains a delicate balance between privacy and light transmission. Matelux glass can be processed like normal flat glass, and its impressive appearance makes it the ideal material to add distinction to both interior and exterior spaces.

Matelux Clear Vision Glass

Extra clear glass, the surface of which is acid-etched during the production process. The glass is not only matte, but the image is much clearer, because it lacks the greenish tint characteristic of ordinary clear glass, Matelux Clear Vision glass has much clearer view.


• Easy maintenance
• Excellent light transmission
• Privacy

Processing is options

• Glass cutting, arrising, grinding, polishing, bevelling
• Drilling, milling
• Engraving
• Tempering
• Laminating
• Bending
• Dyeing, UV printing


• Facades
• Partitions
• Stairs
• Roofs
• Doors
• Shower Cabins
• Furniture