Screen printing is a process where paint is applied to the glass surface using a special silk screen, followed by the tempering of the product. This technique presents a distinctive approach to glass decoration.


Vast color options
Durability: The inks used in screen printing are resistant to wear, peeling, and fading
Design flexibility: Screen printing allows for the creation of intricate and detailed designs on the glass surface
Consistency: This method ensures a uniform and consistent print on the glass
Cleaning resilience: Silk screen prints on the glass can withstand cleaning procedures without any damage to the paint coating


Screen printing designs can enhance the aesthetic of glass in partitions, doors, and showers.

Standard Color Palette

• RAL 9005 (Black)
• RAL 9003 (White)
• RAL 4010 (Pink)
• RAL 5014 (Blue)
• RAL 1001 (Beige)
• RAL 7031 (Bluish Grey)

“ANTI-SLIP” – Anti-Slip Coating

To enhance safety, it is advised to treat glass surfaces (be it floors, stairs, or any other surfaces) with an Anti-Slip coating. This coating involves the application of 3 mm dots, with a gap of 1 cm between the centers of adjacent dots, using silk-screen printing.

Glass adorned in this manner becomes safer, significantly reducing the potential for slips and falls.


• Enhanced durability, exhibiting higher resistance to scratches and environmental impacts such as sun rays and moisture, while maintaining its color
• Facilitates a spacious ambiance and modulates the influx of light into the surroundings
• Offers an excellent avenue to meet or even exceed the expectations of even the most discerning customer
• A wide variety of patterns and colors to choose from


Floors, stairs.

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