Laminated flat-type glass featuring a matte film that offers reduced light transmission. As the number of layers increases, the glass becomes stronger and allows even less light through.

The number and thickness of laminated glass components can be varied extensively to achieve different characteristics of laminated glass that meet protection and/or security requirements.

Laminated glass uses a specific code reflecting the thickness of the glass sheets and the count of PVB films. For instance, 4.4.1 denotes laminated glass made of two 4 mm laminated glass sheets combined with a single 0.38 mm PVB film.
Laminated glass can incorporate not just 1 or 2 PVB films, but also 4 or 6. The increased number of films enhances the safety of the laminated glass.

Processing Capabilities

• Glass cutting, grinding, polishing, beveling
• Drilling, milling
• Engraving
• Measurement
• Dyeing & printing


• Glass facades
• Display cabinets
• Room dividers
• Railings
• Floors
• Stairs
• Assorted interior components