Mirropane Chrome™

A glass enhanced with a highly-reflective chrome coating, giving it a mirror-like appearance. This moisture-resistant coating ensures durability while offering a polished aesthetic. It's ideal for damp environments like bathrooms and is versatile enough for building facades and interiors where privacy is desired. Available options include tempering, lamination, and bending.

Processing Capabilities

• Glass cutting, arrising, grinding, polishing, bevelling
• Tempering
• Laminating
• Drilling, milling
• Engraving
• Dyeing & printing

Key Advantages

• Exceptional reflectivity and moisture resistance due to chrome coating
• Versatile processing options including tempering and bending; suitable for use in layered applications
• Ability to sandblast logos or designs


• Residential and office interiors
• Establishments: hotels, bars, banks, police stations
• Wellness areas: bathrooms, swimming pools, saunas, spas
• Transport: aquatic, rail, and road vehicles
• Architectural elements: glass stairs and partitions
• Expansive mirrors