The laminated flat-type glass comes with an acoustic film designed to minimize sound permeation.

Serving a dual purpose, it offers both safety and sound insulation. For projects that require a lesser degree of security, options with a single acoustic film are available.

With an increase in layers, the glass not only becomes stronger but also offers reduced sound transmission.

We can customize the composition and thickness of the laminated glass to meet specific protective or security needs.

Laminated glass uses a code reflecting the thickness of the glass sheets and the count of PVB films. For instance, 4.4.1 denotes laminated glass made of two 4 mm thick sheets combined with a single 0.38 mm PVB film.

Laminated glass can incorporate not just 1 or 2 PVB films, but also 4 or 6. The increased number of films enhances the safety of the laminated glass.

Processing Capabilities

• Glass cutting, arrising, grinding, polishing, bevelling
• Drilling, milling
• Engraving
• Measurement
• Dyeing & printing


• External glazing: facades, windows, doors
• Internal glazing: partitions, doors