Aluminum profile systems represent durable and sustainable technology, significantly reducing energy consumption and operational costs of buildings, while requiring minimal maintenance.

We are offering:

  • End-to-end solutions in designing, manufacturing, and implementing advanced aluminum systems.
  • Certified high-quality products and services.
  • Superior thermal insulation with aluminum profiles (heat transfer coefficient: U=0.8 W/(m²*K)).
  • Secure and fire-resistant aluminum constructions.
  • Customized style options: RAL color painting and wood-effect finishes.
  • Versatile styles and opening mechanisms, compatible with various aluminum systems.
  • Different glazing options catering to varied thickness and types.

In addition, we offer complex glass partition systems, including sliding and folding options, to create distinctive interior or exterior spaces wherever feasible.

These systems, particularly the folding doors, grant a sense of openness in your space, with the flexibility to fold to either side, setting it apart from other systems.

Installation options for folding doors:

  • With top rail
  • With lower rail
  • With both lower and upper rail