This service involves coating the glass with a protective nano layer, which serves to shield the surface from different types of impurities including dirt and water marks. Furthermore, this coating simplifies the maintenance of the glass.


  • Enhances ease of cleaning and maintenance
  • Shields against the buildup of salt and grime
  • Enhances aesthetics
  • Reduces time, effort, and expenditure on chemicals


  • Automotive glass
  • Glass used in furniture, showers, saunas, and SPAs
  • Marine and aircraft glass
  • Optical lenses
  • Solar panels

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is “Professional INVISIBLE SHIELD” nano coating?
It is a quick-acting, ultra-thin polymer shield specifically crafted to safeguard glass items from wear and degradation, making them highly resilient to various kinds of dirt. This makes the surfaces not only easier to clean but also enhances their appearance.

How does the “Professional INVISIBLE SHIELD” nano coating function?
The coating works by sealing the microscopic pores on the glass surface, adhering to it for an extended period. This enduring barrier shields the surface from interaction with water, soil, soot, rust, soap scum, and other corrosive agents that could mar the surface. Consequently, the safeguarded surface can be cleaned effortlessly, allowing for hassle-free removal of different kinds of dirt.

How can I apply the “Professional INVISIBLE SHIELD” nano coating?
Applying the nano coating is a breeze, akin to using a polish. It can either be poured onto a cloth or sprayed directly onto the surface, followed by buffing the applied area to a gleam using a cloth. Rest assured, this coating preserves the surface quality; the treated glass remains colorfast, does not flake, and retains transparency for an extended period.

What is the lifespan of the “Professional INVISIBLE SHIELD” nano coating?
This nano coating is renowned for its longevity, remaining effective for approximately 2 years on the majority of surfaces. However, like all coatings, its lifespan can vary depending on environmental factors and the level of care it receives. Fortunately, the coating can be effortlessly renewed without needing to remove the initial layer, ensuring continued protection.

Is any special preparation required before application?
No, no special prep work is necessary. A simple clean wipe-down is sufficient.

How should I care for a surface treated with the “Professional INVISIBLE SHIELD” coating?
For sustained efficacy, it’s advisable to clean the nano-coated surface at regular intervals, helping prolong the lifespan of the protected surface.

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