MirroView™ offers the elegance of a double-sided glass designed to camouflage digital displays.

When turned off, it offers the reflective quality of a mirror. Turn on the display, and the screen emerges clearly, filling either the entirety or a section of the mirrored surface.

Processing Capabilities

• Glass cutting, grinding, polishing, bevelling
• Tempering
• Laminating
• Drilling, milling
• Engraving
• Dyeing, printing

Key Features

• Perfect for concealing video displays
• Touchscreen compatible


MirroView™ is not only a great fit for any part of the home, but it's particularly useful in moisture-prone areas like bathrooms, safeguarding screens. Its versatility has also made it a favorite in the design of smart mirrors.

• Bathrooms
• Bars and Restaurants
• Retail Spaces
• Information displays